Recruit The Professionals to Support The Acceleration Of a Technopark

Cimahi Technopark became the Lund University team destination during a visit to Indonesia. The team is led by Sven Thore, and also accompanied by Andreas Bryngelson and Maria Bonita Flores as a representative of Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE). LUCE initiatives such as the Entrepreneurship Training and Science Park Development which has been held for 2 (two) times in Lund- Sweden. This visitation from Lund to Cimahi Technopark as a form of monitoring the progress of Education exercises have been held in Sweden and how participants apply the provision of facilities and infrastructure and incubator programs in the field. As well as a beginning step to prepare the visitation of King of Sweden to Indonesia.

Mr Sven-Thore Holm is an international senior expert and strategist on innovation issues from Lund, Sweden. Mr Holm has 30 years on experience creating environments where innovation and business can bloom and has been driving the development of business and innovation incubators in Southern Sweden, including the Ideon Science Park, Oresund Science Region/Innovation, Karlskrona Innovation Center and others. Since 2002, he is the chairman of Venture Cup Sweden, a national organization with regional branches that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to Mr. Sven, before introducing a co-working space, facilities and infrastructure at Cimahi Technopark Building should be equipped first. In the ToT activities organized by BPPT, Mr. Sven said that it takes three times the effort to establish a Science Park. “And also, it takes the cooperation between the Government and Kemenristekdikti to build a Technopark.”

He mentioned that there are three basic questions that should underlie the construction of a technopark for tenants. The first is ‘Does the presence of Technopark solve the Tenant problem?’ ‘Does the presence of Technopark fulfill the Tenant needs?’. And the last is ‘Will anybody pay for it?’. A Technopark, ideally have sufficient area to accommodate people in the community to exchange ideas and make it happen. And that must also be considered is the existence of the market, whether the product as the embodiment of the idea interesting enough to deserve market for eventual sale.Currently , Mr Holm is providing strategic advice to governments, companies and academic institutions on how to build and enhance comprehensive innovation system, as a necessary part of the infrastructure of the future. In that following capacity, Mr Holm has provided his advice and expertise to i.a. Chinese, Danish and Australian Governments and Institutions, including the Council of Nordic Ministers, and is currently a senior advisor to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on innovation issues. Mr Holm holds an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from Lund Institute of Technology and is a boardmember of several companies and foundations. He is currently CEO of Lundavision AB.                                                This far, Cimahi Technopark work unit stands only for 1 more year and the Lund gives their appreciation. Meanwhile in Lund, the formation of Technopark / Science Park Ecosystem took more than 30 years. This visitation also involves BITC building as other Cimahi Technopark facilities in order to monitor the activities and facilities in the building.”Recruit the professionals to support the acceleration of a Technopark” he said.

The team of Lund-Sweden stated that for a newly established unit 1 (one) year, the Cimahi Technopark progress is already seen whereas still had a lot of challenging homework to done for Cimahi Technopark team, in generating Telematics and Animation industry from Cimahi to Indonesia. Inviting the Grown Anchor Tenant or Animation / Telematics Companies in Cimahi is one of a good idea to starting this industry development. Cimahi Technopark team consists of Department / Economy Related Agency, Small Medium Enterprise Field, Industry, as a member of Baros Innovation Center Team who have the responsibility to strive and doing stakeholders coordination, namely College Academician, Business, Media to build both Cimahi Technopark and Animations, Telematics Industry altogether.


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